Things Needed

How To

1. Put device into DFU

2. Press Jailbreak and wait for ssh tool to say successful

3. Once device reboots close cmd and ssh windows

4. Boot with Ragebreak from DFU mode

5. Wait for device to reboot

6. Boot with Ragebreak from DFU mode

This is a tethered only Jailbreak

No GUI style

Made for users with 404 or other .net framework errors

1. Go to c:\jb

2. Put your iphone 4 in DFU mode

3. Run the ssh.jar tool

4. Once the ssh tool says successful double click on run.bat or run

5. After you device reboots it will be in restore mode

6. Close all open windows and put your device into DFU mode

7. Now goto c:\jb\opensn0w\

8. Double click the proper .bat file to boot your device (3,1 7.0.4)

9. After your device boots its will reboot on it own just boot again with the proper bat file.

0. Enjoy